Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking (MTB) is a racing sport carried out off-road and occurred on mountains trails, deserts and rocks using bicycles. Professional of mountain biking compete on various forums worldwide.

 Specialized bikes are used for the off-road traverse. The beginner who is new in this field ar needs to learn a lot. If you are riding on the road, then it is okay, but if you are new and riding across mountains, rocks, rough terrains, then beginners guide to mountain biking is necessary to follow.

 Here are a few tips about the mountain biking for the starters.

Selection of Bike:

Different types of mountain bikes are available in hr market; choosing the right one is a knack. A 21-speed bike is easy to ride on various terrains, and using this bike speed can be easily managed. It has three gears in the front and seven gears in the rear.

The gear system is convenient to use. Electric bikes nowadays are becoming popular and are easy to maintain.

Be loose on the bike: 

When your bike moves on rough terrain then slightly move up of the saddle so that bike can easily pass on the contours. Bikes’ work is to move on that terrain, and your work is to let the bike does its work.


As you move forward, hold the speed to maintain the momentum even you are speeding up continuously.

Shifting of Weight:

When you approach extreme terrain just like steep slopes (incline), rugged land or tough pitch then lean your body forward to maintain the centre of gravity at the rear wheels to keep traction.

When slope decline does the opposite of above shift your weight over the rear wheels.

Target fixation:

Direct your bike where you want to go by setting your eyes in that direction. If you want to avoid some obstacle, then do not look in that direction because your bike goes in the direction where your eyes are directed. Keep your eyes ahead and look as far as the possible, and chin to the ground level.

Equipment for mountain biking:

Mountain biking equipment is needed other than bike and biking tips such as helmet, gloves, eyewear protectives, etc.


These are necessary for the maintenance of bikes because these are designed in such a way to protect the bike from different road conditions.

Repair Kit

The repair kit is necessary to put as it contains tools to set the bike if some damage occurs. Other than this have some skills to repair a broken chain, flats, and must know how to replace cracked derailleur hanger. It will help if you have an extra pump, tube in case of emergency.

Credit Card:

You must have some extra money in your hands other than credit cards. Sometimes, the situation goes against the anticipation you must be ready for the worst.


Always put extra food and water than you need. When you travel through the rugged landscape, you may not get these things from your surrounding, and none of the others will stop by you to assist you.

Mountain biking is an entertaining activity, and at the same time, demands consciousness. With full preparation, you have more confidence, and it seems more like fun and easier.