Is Cyprus A Good Area To Go Mountain Biking?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is famous for its beautiful places, enticing beaches, pine-clad mountains, the Europian style houses, stone villages, olive groves, and ancient wreck. Cyprus has spectacular scenery and a variety in its terrain. Although all these stunning beauties and tourist places are Cyprus an excellent area to go Mountain Biking?

For sure, Cyprus has earned a special status among the mountain bikers. The zealous cyclists enjoy the sport and meanwhile explore the island. In the recent few years, Cyprus is becoming popular among the mountain bikers in Europe.

Cyprus is an excellent area to go mountain biking for several reasons.

Safe to travel:

Cyprus’s location near middle east countries where almost war situation occurs is safe to travel. Cyprus is a terrorism free country.

The weather of Cyprus:

The weather in Cyprus is very suitable for mountain biking. Cyprus has winters favourable for mountain biking; it has become Europe’s famous spot for the mountain biking in winter. Cyprus has warm summers with an average high temperature of 35 degree Celsius. The best time to go for mountain biking, in Cyprus, is from October to May where you can enjoy the biking and mild weather. Cyclists can love the most about Cyprus weather because the deadly headwinds are infrequent here.

The terrain of Cyprus:

Cyprus has the easily accessible trails that attract several passionate bikers across the world. Cyprus’s beauty lies in its compactness, i.e. it looks like it holds the whole continent. Its terrains change as you move within 10 kilometres of an area the landscape changes from rocky mountains to clayey sites, and steep slopes to flat ones. Some rocky trails are challenging for the bikers.

Legal Restrictions:

There are no legal restrictions on bikers to move to any area of the land. They can move anywhere in mountainous regions without restricted areas.

Bike Services:

Numerous tour guides and the bike services are available in Cyprus that are very helpful for the visitors. The prices are affordable, and one can select the package according to his pocket. You can book your bikes for a week in the Cyprus Sunshine Cup area and here you can get the chance to meet the expert’s cyclists of the world.  

The enthralling mountains of Cyprus:

Troodos Mountains are present in the centre of the island and are easy to access. Many trails of these mountains start from 1600- 2000m above sea level. Cross the whole traverse; one can see the traditional villages, monasteries, bridges, valleys and many other soothing places. Another worth biking place is in Peninsula of Akamas where you can enjoy sunbathing and beaches of an area too.

Agios Minas Chapel:

It is rugged terrain and requires some expert level skills to bike in these areas. The expert’s cyclists who love challenging terrains prefer these mountains for biking. There are varieties of mountain trails that are present in Cyprus more than twenty. These trails offer challenging terrain that invokes the cyclists to come to these areas. The stunning beauty, suitable weather and exciting landscapes attract mountain bikes worldwide. And this makes an excellent place to go for mountain biking.